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Scarta il suo regalo di Natale e il gatto lo assale

Scarta il regalo di Natale e il gatto lo assale. Il video impazza sui social ed è diventato subito virale. È successo a Macon, in Georgia.

Un ragazzo americano, tale Andrew Woodard, ieri notte ha scartato il suo bramato regalo, una Playstation 4. Il protagonista del video è contentissimo e inizia a gridare, quando il gatto lo assale e gli lacera l’orecchio. La madre lo aveva ripreso mentre scartava il dono per vedere la sua reazione. Il video ha già fatto il giro del web, con tanto di didascalia della madre a spiegare l’accaduto:

“Y’all, this is what pure joy looks like. Also terror. Merry Christmas!

This has resulted in a trip to the doctor and stitches. We love him and genuinely hope he feels better. It’s just nice to be able to laugh with your best friends. 

The cat lives in a good home. Plenty of pictures of him being spoiled. He’s a jerk. Seriously. This is not the only person he’s attacked. He wasn’t “provoked”. A grown up was acting overly excited as a joke and the cat walked across the room then back. He wasn’t “startled”. You can clearly see him walk up and calmly sit while planning his attack. Also, this is not my cat. No reason for me to lie. He is a jerk. Take your threats somewhere else. You can report me for animal abuse all you want. It’s. Not. Mine. And it’s not abused. A human was attacked here, not a cat. ? Only in 2016 would people blame a person who didn’t touch an animal for getting attacked by said animal bc they were excited.

Yes, this is the entire video. It was filmed with snapchat and could only have been 2 seconds longer anyway”


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